Message from President

Mr. Anand V. Mainkar

“Our institution believes in, to know, to love & to serve. “

                                                                   Dear Fellow Alumni,
At Social Service League, it is all about new beginning. A new academic year brings new students, new classes and a fresh slate of plans for the year ahead. This year your Alumni Association is gearing up to celebrate a new beginning with this platform for all our alumni and students, hoping this milestone will further connect you to the ever growing community of our trust. We hope you reflect upon your time here with nostalgia and that you will share your fondest memories with us. Join us at one of the many events scheduled for the coming months to continue the learning process you began as a student and to expand your network of like-minded peers. This platform is an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of our alumni who are truly making a difference in their fields. Our first three spotlights feature alumni making an impact in digital media, business intelligence and technology policy – but more importantly, we also recognize achievements in philanthropy, community service and leadership, all hallmarks of the well-rounded education. Providing an enriched out-of-class experience for students who want to make a difference beyond their academic studies. Our alumni embody that spirit in their contributions to their communities and serve as role models for our students as they prepare to take the next step in starting their careers after Social Service League. I also invite you to join us in shaping the alumni community for this milestone and future years. You can participate by applying to join the Alumni Council or by volunteering to serve as an Affiliate
Member. If you are interested in learning more about either of these roles, visit We will be asking you – the Alumni – to play a large role in the coming years because, after all, you are such a large part of what makes Social Service League great. We hope that throughout, you will connect virtually by sharing your stories and memories either online or via social media.
Thanks for all of your contributions. I look forward to connecting with you at one of our events this year.


Mr. Anand V. Manikar